Japanese Landscape

by Nick Donovan
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Artist's Description

“Printmaking for me is an escape from the routine of everyday life. Time in the print room is a kind of alternate reality where I can recharge my senses. I enjoy the repetitive nature of the printmaking process and trying to get locked into a creative groove is what keeps me motivated. Knowing that the unexpected produces the most exciting results, it is always a challenge to recognize interesting elements trying to emerge and to help bring them into focus. I start with an image or idea that may be about a specific place or moment that has a meaning to me. Often these are landscape scenes that provide a source of subject matter for my work. Like the printmaking experience itself, I enjoy the detachment from mundanity that nature provides. The use of intaglio and monoprinting techniques allows me to interpret the landscape in an interesting way. These processes lend themselves to unpredictable results and being open to unforeseen reactions is what keeps me moving to my next piece.”

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Japanese Landscape 11" x 29" by Nick Donovan Sepia tone and black Intaglio: any printing process in which the type or design is etched or engraved, such as photogravure or dry point. Monoprint: A hybrid printmaking technique that combines conventional printmaking processes with some variation to create a non-repeatable image. An example of this would be varying the amount or color of ink applied to a previously etched plate before printing.
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