Riah Dunton

Riah Dunton has studied many forms of art and has a degree in Architecture where she found influence from such architects and designers as Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Eames. Inspired by their geometric designs and stain glass windows, Riah has found her creative outlet in the form of Lightscreens that are reminiscent of the Craftsman, Prairie style and Art Deco periods. Artwork that has similar properties as stained glass, allowing sunlight, candlelight or artificial light to transcend through and even cast the colors onto surfaces.  Her glass work or Lightscreens continue to be inspired by artwork, designs, and windows of the Craftsman, Prairie style and Art Deco periods, allowing unique designs to be illustrated in glass. With glass as her canvas, and acrylic paint as her medium, Riah creates varied sized “stained glass” windows, vases, candleholders and pendants.

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