Sunburst Award Tile

by Kathy Reddy White
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Artist's Description

Sunburst Award Tile This is a sample of a custom award tile. Please contact Ziggurat Tiles for a quote on your custom award tiles! This tile is pressed from a mold of the original tile by Kathy. Each tile is hand glazed, which gives it a unique look. No two tiles are exactly alike. This photo is a representation of the tile. The tile you receive will vary in color and sometimes size. This adds to the one-of-a-kind appeal of these fine art tiles! The tiles are made to order, so please allow 4 weeks for delivery. We have some in stock if you need one right away! Please let Kathy know if you have a deadline!
Kathy Reddy White is the owner of CircaArts Gallery in South Bend, Indiana. She is a native of South Bend and she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Saint Marys College and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from The University of Notre Dame. Kathy is both a painter and a tile maker. Kathy’s paintings are influenced by painters like George Ames Aldrich, the Hudson River School, John Singer Sargeant and many others in the traditional landscape tradition. Tile work for Kathy is principally inspired by the Arts & Crafts aesthetic. She incorporates the Wabi Sabi idea of beauty through imperfection into her work to create a unique look within the Arts & Crafts style. The combination of Arts & Crafts and Wabi Sabi is the key to the distinct look of her line of tiles called Ziggurat Tiles. Her line of tiles is called Ziggurat Tiles because she loves ancient cultures and pyramids. A ziggurat is a four sided, stepped pyramid found in ancient Mesopotamia as well as the Mayan culture. Ancient cultures, antiques, nature, the environment as well as a sense of history also greatly influence her work.

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