Square Bowl

by Dick Reineke
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Artist's Description

Dick uses matte finish blue and green glazes that accent the style of his pottery, which is based on Teco Pottery. The smooth, micro-crystalline, matte "Teco Green" glaze of Teco Art Pottery was developed independently and wasn't an attempt to copy the famous Grueby green. The pottery shapes derived from line and color rather than elaborate decoration. While most of the 500 shapes created by 1911 were the product of Gates' efforts, many of the remaining Teco designs were the work of several Chicago architects that were involved in the Prairie School style as expressed by Frank Lloyd Wright. They had rejected the revival styles of American architecture of the 19th century in favor of using wood, stone and clay in simplicity of design. Any ornamentation consisted of geometrical or natural objects which merged gracefully with the form. Teco Pottery became closely linked with this style and the pottery was often an integral part of Prairie School homes Bungalow.
Dick Reineke has recently retired from his OBGYN practice in South Bend, Indiana. He is now pursuing his love of pottery in the Arts & Crafts tradition. Dick has created beautiful pots and vases that are influenced by Teco Pottery, which produced Prairie School style ceramics in Chicago, IL from 1881 – 1972.

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