by Julie Bowland
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I am primarily a landscape painter, usually working directly from nature in a thick vigorous impasto with oil paint, as well as other media. Color is everything to me, expressing intensity of emotion, as well as defining space and form. Color and form may be freely interpreted, but it remains important to me to work from life. I appreciate the directness and spontaneity of wrangling the dynamic, changing conditions of nature. It is a joy and a challenge, and I often have no idea how the painting will turn out. The French called this en plein air; in open air. It is inspiring to paint outside in a beautiful, wild swamp or forest, dealing with the dynamically changing conditions of heat, cold, wind, bugs, wildlife, changing light and the other unpredictable elements of the outdoors. I react to the energy of a place with paint, texture, color, and feeling. It isn’t a particularly relaxing or controlled way of working but I enjoy the spontaneity. An Expressionist at heart, I am not so much describing a place as expressing feeling and pushing paint and color. I call what I do Plein Air Expressionism, combining the French love of open air painting with the intense emotionalism of the German Expressionists, all served up together with a contemporary edge and bold exuberance.
Wacissa By Julie BowlandJulie Bowland grew up in the Midwest where frequent trips to the Chicago Art Institute fed her appetite for the works of Monet and Van Gogh. Nature was as influential as art, providing refuge and inspiration. Born in Florida, she has always been attracted to its lush, watery wooded landscape. She received her BFA, Magna Cum Laude, from Florida State University and continuing with expressionistic plein air paintings, earned an MFA, Magna Cum Laude, from Arizona State University in Tempe. In 2002 Bowland moved to Valdosta, Georgia to take the position of Gallery Director and Assistant Professor in the Department of Art at Valdosta State University. Currently she continues to direct the VSU Fine Arts Galley as a Professor of Art. Before moving to Valdosta, she lived in North Florida for almost 20 years, teaching Art at Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College, and for almost seven years was the Arts in Public Places Director for the Cultural Resources Commission (now Council On Culture & Arts), the local arts agency for Tallahassee and Leon County, where she directed the City Hall and Airport Art Galleries. Previously, Bowland was director of the 621 Gallery, an independent contemporary non-profit art space in Tallahassee. Bowland's work is included in private, public and corporate collections including the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach, the City of Tallahassee Permanent Collection, Barnett Bank in Jacksonville, First South Bank in Tallahassee and Florida Community College at Jacksonville. Her work has been shown extensively throughout the Southeastern United States, where it has won numerous awards in juried exhibitions. In May, 2012 her expressionist plein air paintings will be featured in a solo exhibition at the Buchanan Museum of Fine Arts in Buchanan, Michigan.

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Wacissa By Julie Bowland Encaustic and oil on canvas Size (w x h): 36" x 48" Year: 2006
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