Studebakers Print on Canvas by Kathy Reddy White

by Kathy Reddy White
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Artist's Description

Studebakers Print 16" x 20" Print, Gallery Wrapped On February 16, 1852, Henry and Clement Studebaker opened the H & C Studebaker blacksmith shop at the corner of Michigan and Jefferson Streets in South Bend, Indiana. Younger brothers Peter, John Mohler and Jacob would later join the firm, and the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company, as it would later be known, became the world’s largest manufacturer of wagons and buggies. In 1936, Studebaker retained Raymond Loewy Associates to oversee its design department. Loewy and his team created many Studebaker icons – the 1939 Champion, the 1947 Starlight Coupe, the 1950 “Bullet Nose”, the 1953 Starliner Hardtop and the 1963 Avanti.
Kathy Reddy White is the owner of CircaArts Gallery in South Bend, Indiana. She is a native of South Bend and she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Saint Marys College and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from The University of Notre Dame. Kathy is both a painter and a tile maker. Kathy’s paintings are influenced by painters like George Ames Aldrich, the Hudson River School, John Singer Sargeant and many others in the traditional landscape tradition. She also paints realistic renditions of cars and architecture. She paints and/or illustrates “Parodies of the Masters” in her yearly Christmas card series. Kathy has a quick, loose style for other themes, such as wine & water, and jazz. She painted countless chairs full of loosely rendered fruit, veggies and margaritia’s. She is also a cartoonist, recently finishing the illustrations for a book: How to Survive a Remodel by friend and author Nancy Chillag. Kathy combines painting and tilemaking, which is a unique departure from either painting or tilemaking, creating a niche all her own.

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