St. Pat's Park

by Mary Firtl
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Artist's Description

As a painter, my aspirations have been to improve upon my craft as a pastel artist and enjoy the process along the way no matter what the subject, always striving to exude vibrant colors and energy in my landscapes and accurate likenesses in my portraits. I accept commissioned work for personal pieces, professional use, or as gifts. Consider a special gift of original art and let my "FirtlMind" extend beyond the computer to create something unique for your use.
With a fine art background, I've been fortunate to be able to expand upon that training and move into the visual world of graphic design where I've worked for a number of years as a production artist, graphic designer, court room sketch artist, and art director. At Saint Mary's College, my projects take me into the mind of a prospective student AND parent to help meet the goals of marketing the College to outside audiences. In my freelance design business, FirtlMind Designs, I've worked for many local clients as well as companies in Chicago and Indianapolis, designing and developing brand, print, and web material. Utilizing the best possible means to a profitable, successful campaign no matter what the medium is my goal. From start to finish, my experience as a designer and as an artist, serves as a great benefit to clients who appreciate my attention to detail as well as their budget. My creative eye will set you apart from the competition.

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Which path do you take as you venture these park trails and come into this clearing? The sky is so blue and the scene hints at spring with newly-budding trees in the background while the vivid green of the grass beckons you forward. Go left or right? (5" x 7"plus frame)
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