Archangel - Cuzco School

by Lilliana Zamora
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Artist's Description

CircaArts Gallery has several pieces from a local artist who is originally from Lima, Peru and now resides in South Bend. Lilliana Zamora paints and sculpts very much in the Cuzco tradition. The subject matter are classic: Archangels as well as The Virgin Dressed in a Spanish Oufit. The frames are beautifully crafted by an architect friend of hers.
The Cuzco School of Painting, one of the most important in American Art, began in the town of Cuzco, Peru - a city which was the capital of the Incan Empire and has existed for nine centuries. It spread across all of the Andean area as an aesthetic expression of society in the times of the Viceroyship. During Spanish colonization from the 16th to the 18th centuries, Flemish and Italian as well as Spanish versions of the Madonna, the Saints, and the Crucifixion arrived in the New World. These were used to illustrate with clear and didactic images the preaching of religious sermons. The Cuzco School's works were painted by the indigenous people of Peru who had been taught by such Spanish masters as Loyola. Two traditions existed simultaneously in painting in Cuzco: that of the indigenous people and that of the Spanish masters influenced by Netherlandish Art and Late Gothic Art. Native painters gradually moved away from the purely European style and created paintings of unique extraordinary beauty and great originality by mixing the religious with the naive and with Andean imagery. This style of painting turned into a popular art form. Some of the most popular representations of this art include "The Virgin Mary", "The Virgin With The Child", "The Cuzco Madonna", "The Holy Family", and sumptuously dressed archangels armed as soldiers of heaven such as "Saint Michael", Saint Raphael" and "Saint Gabriel". Today, families of Indian and Mestizo artists continue recreating and bringing new riches to this great style of paintings by using their ancestor's techniques, oil on fabric, exquisite gilt, and models which are always the same but never exactly alike. The hallmark of Cuzqueño painting is the application of gold to simulate embroidered designs (brocateado). The best examples of the Cuzco School are found in the Cuzco Cathedral and the Iglesia de la Compania Museo de Arte Religioso en la Cuesta de San Blas. (Article used by permission from the Nuevo Santander Gallery, McAllen, Texas).Archangel - Cuzco School - 24" x 36" by Lilliana Zamora

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Virgin, Dressed in Spanish Outfit from 1500’s – 1700’s. As worn during the Spanish domination in South America. Oil painting on linen framed in natural wood and wax finish. 24" x 36" on linen
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