Cat Seasons Spring Painting

by Patty Reddy
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Artist's Description

Patty Reddy is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. The range of her work includes abstract paintings, whimsical pieces, cartoons, and art that explores social issues. In addition, the use and manipulation of color is a key aspect of her work. Most recently, her work was in the “Art & Social Justice” show at the Colfax Cultural Center in South Bend. Patty volunteers at CircaArts Gallery in downtown South Bend, by working some Saturdays, helping with marketing materials, and maintaining the website. She also has artwork displayed there. She has taught classes in art and healing, and healing is another key theme in her life and art. Patty is an illustrator and oil and acrylic painter. Her works include abstract, to whimsical, to cat caricatures, to works that show human energy. She is also a graphic designer, which has given her the skills to produce books electronically. She is a one-stop-shop for producing books from concept to completion, including illustration.
She is a native of South Bend, Indiana, and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Saint Mary’s College.

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Cat Seasons Spring Painting, 12" x 24"
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