Bill Jensen

Bill Jensen has been creating landscapes of Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan for years. His most frequent subjects being the quaint corner hardware store to the majestic countrysides. Primarily self-instructed, his use of expressive strokes and his ability to capture the mood of the landscape, illustrates the essence of  what you love to remember. Bill has quickly become part of the local art community, with a large number of exhibitions and demonstrations.

“Jensen  captures the subtlety of light the best landscapes. Sunlight enters the paintings indirectly, casting the pictures’ focal points into a golden glow that is in marked contrast to the flatter ambient light of the scene.”  South Bend Tribune

Bill’s approach to capturing  great landscape begins with spending a few days in each location and taking photographs at different times of the day to capture all possible lights. He then figures out what  is at the soul of the landscape and works to accentuate it.

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