Autumn Serenade

by Cathy McCormick
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Artist's Description

Cathy McCormick focuses on the landscape as a serene counterpoint to our urban culture and hectic lives. Her pictures have a sense of place, and invite the viewer to slow down and look. She has worked in oils, watercolors, mixed media and photography, but pastels have been her favorite medium since 1986. “My paintings are about light, form, and landscape—the natural landscape or the urban landscape. I like to work in pastel because its chalky, gritty texture seems so well suited to the diverse textures of the land and sky. Pastel can be blended to depict the smoothness of clouds or used in a direct approach to depict rock and soil. The possibilities are endless, as are the challenges.”
Cathy teaches pastels and drawing at the South Bend Museum of Art and at Battell Center, Mishawaka, Indiana. She is founder and president of the Northern Indiana Pastel Society and a board member of Northern Indiana Artists. She is a docent at the South Bend Art Museum and the Snite Museum of Art, Notre Dame. She had organized dozens of shows, workshops and art meetings for the community. Cathy grew up in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and received a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where she studied art. She worked as a newspaper journalist in Colorado Springs and Phoenix before moving to Indiana in December 2000. Her art is on view in the permanent collections of Southwestern Michigan College, University of Notre Dame's London program, Lerner Performing Arts Center in Elkhart, Lake City Bank, Lakeland Hospital in St. Joseph, Mich., and Charles M. Schulz, Santa Rosa, California.

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Autumn Serenade 12" x 16" by Cathy McCormick This painting is taken from a photo I snapped out the car window while driving to a workshop I was giving in southern Michigan in October.
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